Is it just me or has April flown by? I can’t believe an entire month has passed since I last wrote a blog post – in all honesty it seemed like just yesterday that I wrote that post.

This April has felt like summer. With days reaching the high 20s temperature wise, it’s not hard to imagine why.

My life has been busy busy. I began training for a new job – a casual position that allows me to cover sick/vacation time and work with my current three-day-a-week position and I had a minor planned surgery… so let’s just say yeah I’ve been occupied.


As I just mentioned, I have been working only three days a week since I moved to the Cowichan Valley. This was actually a great thing because I’d started my graduate school program a mere two months before moving, so I knew the extra time to work on it would be a blessing. And it was. It has been absolutely amazing to have four full days a week to devote to life outside of work. Even when you love your work, it is work, and it takes energy, and I have a hard time believing I’d be as far into my masters as I am now if I was working full time.

What’s not nice about only working three days a week? I’ve been on a very tight budget. Being on such a budget has actually really opened my eyes to my spending habits – which has been a blessing in disguise.

So what’s coming up next for me? May is also looking like a busy month, but as I try to move forward and make this blog more a part of a business (I’m hoping to get a private practice going over the next few months) I am going to make an effort to really blog more, have a weekly/monthly/yearly publishing plan and stick to it (with wiggle room of course). So looking ahead there are a few things I’d love to write about:

– West Coast Trail: I’ve volunteered to be in charge of menu and food planning/prep. The West Coast Trail is a 5-7 day hike on the (you guessed it) west coast of Vancouver Island. I talked about it in my last blog (can you sense a theme to what’s going on in my life). Most people bring dehydrated or freeze dried meals on the hike. Buying these at places like MEC or other hiking stores can set you back $10 a meal (and that’s per person), whereas I know I can make a meal for 3 for less than that. I’m hoping to share a little of what I’m doing for that.

– Budgeting: As I was saying earlier I’ve learned a lot about budgeting this year. And yes I’ve used resources like Gail Val-Oxalate and other budgeting gurus, but it has really come down to a process of figuring out needs vs. wants and what sort of spending habits I have that do not serve me.

– Graduate school: I’d love to bring some of what I’m working for my master program into the blog. How this will look I’m not entirely sure yet – but all I can say is I love it. I never knew adult education would be so fascinating or so relevant to my own political, social and educational beliefs. Who knew that studying how we educate adults would really be about social justice???? I did not.

– Food etc: and of course I hope to continue writing about food, recipes, and nutrition ideas around health at every size and all that. Do not expect that content to disappear.


Well that’s about it for now. I really hope you’ve had a great April as well – I know a lot of Canada had fantastic summer like weather and fingers crossed it sticks around for the next while.


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