I know it’s only March, but when it’s 17 degrees out and you can be out in a tank top and leggings, it doesn’t feel like spring, it feels like summer.

2016-03-30 15.25.58

But I feel it’s fair to say that Spring has sprung in the Cowichan Valley.

Still today is the last day of March, so it is the final day of Nutrition Month. I had great ambitions to get a post out every week this month, and nearly succeeded until a case of strep throat took me out last week.

So instead of continuing the nutrition month posts I thought I’d jump in with a little bit of a more personal update on life.


I have officially been in my new home for seven months, and boy do I love it. I’m not going to lie December and January were tough months – I always find them difficult being single and new to somewhere – but things have settled a lot in the last couple months and things are looking brighter than ever. I’m even more excited for summer in my new home, I think it will be fantastic.

Things that have been keeping me busy and upbeat?

Roller Derby – I have wanted to try this sport ever since I saw the movie Whip It (which like all movies is not entirely accurate – at least not for the type of roller derby we play here). At one point when I lived up in Port McNeill someone was trying to start a team in Alert Bay – but the extra ferry ride deterred me from joining. But I found out about a team here in the Cowichan Valley through a friend of a friend and boy am I glad I did. Since I have good skating skills from years of speed skating it was fairly easy for me to pick up (though I still need to get a hang on rules and some of the finer skills), but people of all skill levels join. And my team is pretty awesome, I’m just saying.

2016-03-03 20.24.11

Ultimate Frisbee. My other favourite sport, I missed it so much living on the north island and having it back in my life again is so so great. I’ve never been a team sport person. Despite playing soccer for years I never really liked it at all, and for most of my youth I did not see the point of team sports. I liked independent sports where you wouldn’t be letting anyone else down with your terrible lack of skills. Then I tried Ultimate Frisbee and fell in love. How can you not feel cool when you learn how to really throw a disc? Isn’t that one of those childhood dreams we all had? Like flying a kite or being able to whistle?

My graduate program. I am still plugging away at this thing, it’s going to take me a few years. I had a tight timeline I wanted to follow so that I’d finish the program around my 30th birthday but I’m not sure that is going to happen. Talking to my friends who have done master programs or graduate degrees it’s pretty normal for everything to take longer then you first thought it would. I still love this program. And I’m still so excited that I decided to go back to school.

West Coast trail. In January two friends and I decided to register for the west coast trail. Despite signing up the DAY AFTER it opened for registering we didn’t get our first choice of dates. Still we’re going at the end of June so (knock on wood) we are expecting some good weather. I’ve been put in charge of meal planning (ok I volunteered. But I couldn’t pass up a chance to try some meal dehydrating!!! Just sounded too fun to pass up) and so far it’s been pretty great. Meals are looking pretty delicious too: lentil Dahl with rice, Thai peanut noodles, mushroom stroganoff… yum! As for the idea of hiking for 6 days with roughly 50 lbs of stuff on my back? Can’t say I feel totally ready for that just yet, but hopefully I will by the time the hike gets here.

2016-03-30 18.53.51

Other than that my life is pretty normal for a late twenties single gal. Evenings out with friends, dates dates and more dates (so it seems sometimes). Or sometimes just recovering from random cases of strep throat. Either way life just seems to be flying by, and I’m excited for what will probably be a fun, busy (and hot!) summer.


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