Let’s begin with a peak at what I wrote about last year at this time. At that time I was more into theme words and living a year with intention. I said my theme word was “action”. I didn’t explain it very well on the blog – but to elaborate I can be a total thinker and procrastinator and spend a lot of time thinking about doing something without really actually getting around to doing it (I’ve heard this is a perfectionist tendency, and that rings true for me). Still my word, or theme, was a little vague, and kind of fell to the wayside as the progressed.

This year I want to make my goals a little more tangible. I’ve said in the past I take some issue with S.M.A.R.T goal setting – having spent the better part of my teen years and early twenties doing these types of goals and while they got achieved they didn’t really fulfill me how I thought they would. Having done a lot of reflecting over the last year (no joke, critical reflection is a major component to my master’s degree.) I know that some of the lack of fulfillment from goal achievement is that I haven’t really been considering “why” I do things. Yes I think forever about a choice, decision or goal, but then I just kinda jump in with both feet. Thinking more about where I want to be in 1, 5, 10 years or what I’d like my life to look like in my old age are helping me narrow the scope of what I’d like to work on now.

So today I will share some of my “new years resolutions” (and really they’re goals that are continuing forward from 2015) with you.

1. Practice More Creativity

2015-11-21 13.56.21
In my time in Port McNeill I began watercolour painting again. It wasn’t something I expected to get back into, it just sort of happened. I really enjoy it and have had a decently steady practice with it since then. I’ve also been thinking about taking a painting class or two this year to get new skills and learn more tricks. Classes also sometimes keep me more accountable – as intrinsically motivated as I am sometimes a little kick from the outside really makes things a habit.

2015-12-31 15.32.19

Just after my birthday I also began a 365 photo project. It’s on instagram, you can check it out. Yes there’s a lot of photos of my cat (mostly because she’s so adorable). The photo project has been forcing me to get out more during the work day, because I enjoy photos of landscapes/nature the most, and there’s limited light before and after work still. Hopefully I can practice more skills around using my camera and my phone. I know there’s some little 30 day photo challenges that pop up here and there so I might join those for added motivation.

A few other creative areas: get in the kitchen try/create more recipes. Keep up with writing (with my masters and the added amount of writing I’ve had to do I feel like more ideas for this blog and writing in general have started to flow, which corroborates the idea that the more you consistently practice the easier it gets.)

2. Continuing Incorporating Mindfulness

In the later part of 2014 I wrote about a gratitude challenge and a meditation challenge I’d done. The gratitude challenge was amazing, the meditation was challenging. I feel like I’ve kept some of the gratitude pieces going, but not so much the meditation. My big goal would be to have a regular meditation practice – but we will see how that goes.  In some ways the photo challenge has helped me with the gratitude, because I have to look for the little beautiful and wonderful things in my day to day life.


Keeping a personal journal, exercising and small daily living habits are all ways I’ve been trying to keep mindful in my life.

3. Career

I  love being a dietitian and love my job (you know other than the usual ups and downs any career has). I know I’d like to figure out where I’m going next (like when I finish my masters) and what steps I need to take in the now to make it happen eventually. I’ve always dreamed of a private practice of some kind, so that’s been heavily on my mind as 2016 has started.

4. Master’s Degree

2015-06-04 07.37.37

I really want to stick with my timeline – as a self-directed program we are totally in charge of how long each step in the program will take. Working part time gives me ample time to get work done, so I know I can really do well if I use my time wisely.

I hope so far everyone has had some good times in 2016 and that it carries forward. Hopefully you’ve found a resolution/intention/goal that really works for you (or having none at all which is absolutely fine).


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