Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you had many happy times over the past few weeks, with holidays, festivities and all.

Before I dive into things I’d like to accomplish in 2016, I wanted to reflect a bit on the year that was 2015.

2015 was a big year, with some big events, and lots of little lessons.

Big Life Things:

I went back to school.

2015-06-04 07.37.37

While never the plan when I was in university, once I was out and in the “real world” I was searching and searching for… something. Even after I figured out grad school might be the answer it took a couple missteps before I landed in what turned out to be my dream program: the St. Francis Xavier adult education graduate program. I say surprisingly because I originally avoided this program because of it’s self-directed and research based nature; I wasn’t sure I’d be up for that challenge. Then I remembered I’m not very good at don’t enjoy following directions too much so maybe a self-directed program would actually suit me well. The three weeks I spent on campus to start the program were the best educational experiences I have ever had – and I mean that: The. Very. Best. Ever. Even since being home and away from the amazing new friends and support network I made (though thank you social media for keeping me a mere computer away) and with moving and general life busy-ness, the work has been enjoyable and fulfilling in a way I never imagined.

2015-07-14 20.02.48

2015-07-23 16.46.22

2015-07-23 18.38.12

I moved.

2015-08-28 17.02.58

Moving. Is. Hard. Let’s admit that. I’d been living in my last home for three years, which is the longest I’ve ever lived any where. While life was good there, I knew deep down it wasn’t my “forever home”. To be fair I don’t know if where I’m living now is my forever home, or if I’ll even be someone with a forever home. What I do know is the older I get the harder moving gets, and the less tempting it becomes. Still, despite wanting to avoid moving (cause it’s hard) I knew I was missing something in my last home. Being a bigger city now, it’s become clear I do like having the convenience of things like a year round pool with a lane open all day, and gym classes with instructors, and a variety of sports I either have loved for years (Ultimate Frisbee!) or always wanted to try (Roller Derby!). A library open all day, a cute downtown center and even shopping nearby. I also like having more restaurants, farmers markets, and a better “food scene”.  All these are little things that just generally add to my quality of life.

Little Life Things:

This isn’t really a numbered list, but 2015 was filled with lots of little lessons that have added up for me. Little reminders about what I need for base line happiness, who I am and what I really want to do with my life. I can’t say it’s all shaken out – so excuse me for avoiding details on the blog – but things are going along as they do. Sometimes I wonder if this is life – a constant rehashing of yourself and trying to find a balanced center (that maybe just doesn’t exist). I definitely feel like I am in flux in a few areas of my life, but in a way that feels like the answers are just around the corner, and not something entirely unknowable. It’s these little life lessons that have inspired what I want to work on this year…

I definitely have a few specific areas where I want to see change happen, and where I’d like to dedicate the time and energy that change and growth really takes (small lesson from this year: big things need TIME which means I need to be PATIENT). So what’s coming for 2016? That’s for another blog post (soon, promise!). Until then I hope your 2016 has been great so far, and hopefully it continues that way.


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