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I’ve always been a bit stubborn. And maybe even a bit opinionated. Especially about myself. I think I know myself sooooo well, and (like everyone, I think) I make statements about who I am, and what I will do with my life.

Take high school for example, I did not take any sciences in my later years of that institution. I focused on writing, literature and art, and said no way to sciences, because I would never need that stuff in my future academic career. I was never going into sciences, obviously.

I was going to be a writer after all.

Then after one year of creative writing I realized something; starving writer was not for me. And well, maybe that side hobby interest in food and nutrition could be something more… cue taking all those pesky high school sciences and math classes and basically turning a four year degree into seven years.

During my undergraduate degree I saw fellow students getting to know professors, reaching out and networking (hello future academic reference), because they considered graduate school a possibility in their future. For so many people the possibility of graduate school seemed to be the top of their list. And any time the conversation steered towards those graduate school talks, I adamantly dug my feet in saying, “I am never going to graduate school.” I would declare that I hated school and was done with it as soon as I was, well, done.

And yet….

Almost as soon as my degree finished I found myself looking at graduate school programs. At first I just told myself it was a phase, I was after all looking for jobs too, just scouting possibilities of what I could be doing with my life.

And yet…

As time went on, and looking at graduate programs turned into applying to graduate programs, I had to admit that I was once again going to have to eat my words… As long as I was accepted into a program.

Which I was.

And the best part is?

I’m excited about it, and not all that bothered to be contradicting my past self’s adamant opinions. I do believe, I suppose I must, that we do change, and sometimes we change our minds and our choices.

And that’s just life.


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