1/4 Down, 3/4 more to go

I’ve been in a very introspective headspace lately.

I can’t say it’s out of the norm for me, I’m a pretty introspective lady, but it’s mostly that for the past week or so I’ve found it hard to get out of thinking/contemplating/daydreaming.

Stuck in the swirl of thoughts is, of course, what I want to write about on here. I haven’t created any new recipes lately, nor have I really had the time to cook anything worth photographing and sharing with everyone. I was browsing through my previous posts and saw my 2015 post.

Action was my theme for the year.

A quarter of the way through the year that still holds very true. I can honestly say that in some aspects of my life goals I’ve started to really become a lot more pro-active. I never thought of myself of a passive person, but there have been some parts of my life where I just assumed things would happen. But sometimes you do have to give a little bit to get a little bit.

But perhaps I should have had a second theme, and that theme should have been patience. I’m pretty patient, I think, for a twenty-something lady who is part of the immediate gratification generation. Still I find myself feeling a bit like, why is it taking so long? Around some of the things I’d like to “achieve”. But I suppose life and taking-action is like that; hurry up and wait.

We live in a world where we think we have control of everything. This is a huge problem when we look at stigma and bias in places like health care; we are convinced people have caused their own destinies in terms of their health all the time. Of course from a greater point of view, studies have shown that many health issues are more related to social determinants of health (ie things you have utterly no control over) then they do personal responsibility.

But it’s hard to fight the idea that we bring everything upon ourselves and if we just. Try. Harder. We will get. All. The. Good. Stuff.

And that’s just not the case, sometimes some things are a little out of your control.

I used to get stuck in huge funks when I’d follow my step-by-step plan to achieve x and x goal, only to have the goal (once achieved) backfire in my face. I’ve been avoiding this as much as I can this year. Yes, I have some end points I’d really like to see happen in my life, but I’m trying not to get stuck in waiting for that end point to occur to be happy or content. This goes back to my tendency to live in the future, and not enjoy the present moment.

So as we make our way into the second quarter of the year, I’m trying to focus on that patience piece, on that contentment in the present moment piece and on continuing to take action (or try my hardest).


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