So, like, What do you do on Weekends? (Part II)

I wrote about some of my weekend activities here. Also here is a bit more about what I get up to on weekends.

When I was first making a decision to move  to this teeny tiny town for work, I’ll admit I freaked out. Did I go the conventional job route and work in a hospital in a bigger city I was sure I’d enjoy? Or did I take the risk on my ideal job in a town so small I had to google it to find out where it was? Of course I chose to take the job (it was an offer a new grad could hardly pass up.

But I have to say, I too wondered what people in a small town did on weekends. Or how they had a social life.

Yet somehow I’ve been in this small town for two and a half years now, and have found lots to do on the weekends. Here for instance was this past weekend…

A mere two hour drive from my place are some gorgeous beaches for camping, exploring and surfing


RaftCoveFeb2015 022

Or for enjoying a little vino (in a jar because I’m classy like that)


Also it helped that it was warm enough for me to be doing this


Sunday I kept closer to home and went for a kayak right in my “backyard”.



Yeah it was a kinda awesome weekend. And it’s hard to believe that it’s February. But if this is what i get to do on the weekends, I’ll take it.


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