Before the week is out, I wanted to touch on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Eating Disorders. For those of you who haven’t heard, February 1-7 is eating disorders awareness week (#edaw). Eating Disorders are a growing mental health issue, and something that I believe has touched many of our lives. I have encountered eating disoders both personally and professionally, and it seems in ever growing numbers.

No one knows why exactly eating disorders are growing in numbers, and it is likely that there are many different factors contributing. Sure our fatphobic and constantly dieting society could be contributing, but as many health professional working in this field can tell you, eating disoders are never truly about the weight. Yes the weight focus is often there, but mostly eating disoders are a mental health issue, and are very often a way for people to cope with stress and/or negative emotions/events in their lives.

This year for #edaw, NEDIC wants you to remember that talking saves lives. Like many mental health issues the biggest barriers to truly finding solutions and better management is not talking about it. Silence keeps myths alive, stigma alive, and just generally brushes things under the rug. The more people talk and discuss eating disorders and the many consequences of them, the more awareness there is of this issue. So let’s talk, because even if all you have are questions, it gets the discussion going.

For more information on eating disorders you can check out the following sites:


Kelty Eating Disorders


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