Meditation Challenge

I’m dropping in only for a quick post today. Life has been busy and I haven’t felt very inspired to write in my down time. But don’t worry, lulls can’t last forever.

I thought I’d update you on the meditation challenge which I finished a couple of weeks ago.

Overall I think I did fairly well I probably only managed to meditate 4-5 days out of a week, but it still feels like a win.

I can’t say I noticed any big changes in my thoughts/feelings/behaviour. Of course I only did the challenge for a month, from what I gather meditation is something to be practiced over the long term.

The other thought I’m left with is how freaking hard I did find meditating. I did not look forward to sitting still and quiet for ten minutes. It wasn’t terrible once I’d get started, but it didn’t really feel like I got anywhere. It’s not like a workout or something where you’re left with a pumping heart, sore muscles and hard time breathing- all letting you know how hard you worked. I’d often just feel the same after meditating as before. Maybe a little calmer? Often just tired because I chose to do the challenge right before bed.

Right now I’m trying to break it down a little bit more. I’m working on just getting still and quiet more often, not necessarily meditating (ie not making myself sit cross-legged with my eyes closed – just sitting maybe curled up and drifting with my thoughts). I’ve read a lot around goals, and how breaking them down really small can make them even easier to accomplish. So even though I want to be “someone who meditates” I think I’m happy trying to be someone who can sit quietly with her own thoughts for a few minutes a day, at least as a start.

Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll actually be someone who meditates (and not just for a challenge either).


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