So, like, what do you do on Weekends?

For people visiting or when they hear about the size of the town I live in (2,500) I get asked the above question a lot.

I so seriously want to sarcastically ask it back. After all, I know so many city folks and friends who really… don’t do anything all that amazing with their weekends. Or at least don’t do something that couldn’t be done in any town of any size.

So what can you do on weekends?

Well, like the city, you can go to the bar. You can go out for dinner (okay we have no where near the selection of a city). You can stay at home.

I often find friends to go out and do some fun out door stuff:

Hike out to some fabulous beaches (with star fish!):

April2013 227

KingcomeParents 371

MayLong 043

Go crabbing…

crabbing 010

crabbing 015

In the winter I hit up the local ski hill…

January 2013 122

There’s curling bonspiels (no photos) and Dragonboat regattas:

Dragonboating 173

I’ve also gone ocean kayaking. There are some killer biking trails. And many small communities and historic sites to visit as well, like Sointula and Alert Bay, where a residential school still stands.


As you can see with a little willingness to try new and exciting things you can seriously have some fun. Small towns may have a quieter pace of life, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be bored (any more so than you are in a city) or lonely (any more so than you are in a city).

Honestly, wherever you live having a social life takes effort, especially out of university or when moving to a new place where you know zero people. Maybe if going to the club every night, or eating fancy food, or shopping til you drop are the only activities you are willing to participate in, a small town might not be for you.

I’m sure I’ll talk more about some of the small town livin’ things in another post (it is different in some ways and my job is pretty unique too).

So do you  live in a city? A town? Would you be willing to change up where you live and try something new?


2 thoughts on “So, like, what do you do on Weekends?

  1. Where you live is SO BEAUTIFUL. I would absolutely LOVE to live on the ocean. Yes, I think I would love it even if it meant living in a small small town!

    In the summer I keep my weekends pretty full – farmers market, hiking, running, swimming in my moms pool, music in the park etc. but I admit in the winters we are pretty big homebodies and just like to relax at home on the weekends. Though we do occasionally venture up the mountain for some fun in the snow!

  2. While I could definitely move to a small town for awhile, I don’t know if I would last there permanently. I am definitely a city girl with a love and appreciation for small towns. I would be sad to permanently leave behind those fancy restaurants at my doorstep and shopping in person, not just online 😉 But you never know, if the right situation came around…

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