April Goals + March Recap

So I wrote last month about my goals for March.

How did I do?

Mindful March: really good. I kept a pretty good record of all my eats, moods and everything. And I actually went back over it too. I can’t say any trends stuck out to me, but it was interesting.

Cardio: did not make this goal. I got out on my bike 2-3 times per week, but there were some days of epically odd weather ( = rain, snow, sun, and hale). So that put a little damper on things. The last couple weeks have been good since I’m on a dragonboating team and that gets me pretty pumped.


So April is here, and the weekends have been feeling like Spring. The days are longer and the sun is finally out when I get out of bed in the morning. I’m feeling pretty energized and motivated, a lot like my old self, and damn does it feel good.

So I have some goals for April.

Mileage: I’d like to hit some mileage goals for biking and for running. For biking I’d like to get in at least 90km this month (~30km a week) and for running 30km (~10km per week). Both might sound low, but hey with strength training, dragonboating, and having a life, I feel this is doable.

Strength Training: continue follow New Rules of Lifting for Women, at least 2x/week (which I’ve found works best for me. I get really tired if I fit in any more than that…).

Mindful April: continue being mindful. And incorporate more mindful meals into my week. As someone who lives alone I have a tendency to turn on the TV or computer while I’m eating, but I know that eating without distractions helps us tune into our body’s signals better. I’d like to get at least 3 mindful meals a week.


So that’s it for April. Obviously I’m upping the ante a bit here. Added an extra goal. But I’m really excited. Running has felt great lately and while it’s slow for me(I run a 6minute Km right now, and I have run a 4.5min km in the past) it’s still good. And cycling of course.

Dragonboating is a challenge and half since it’s not something I’ve done much of (spent one summer doing it, but on a very casual/recreational basis), so the technique will take a while, and most of the muscles are not as “well used”.


One thought on “April Goals + March Recap

  1. I’m interested to hear about how dragonboating goes. I’ve never tried it, but it intrigues me. My mom always thought I’d be good at some sort of rowing sport.

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