I’ve seen these Lately posts on a few other blogs, and well, I’m sort of feeling like writing a lately post…

Lately I haven’t really felt like writing much of anything for the blog. And idea comes, an idea goes, and I just keep doing other things.

Lately I’ve been sick of seeing so much grey.

March1 004

Seriously! This time of year I’m ready to give winter the boot and get into some serious spring weather. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened quite yet. Winter is have a final death rattle before going down; we’ve had days of rain, sun, wind, snow, and hale, all within minutes of each other!

Lately I’ve been craving cardio, and have gotten out on my bike as much as weather permits. I’ve also started running a bit more again.

Lately I’ve been thinking about signing up for a race or two this summer. Maybe running, or trail running, or a triathlon, or something like that. Just a thought, but I have been seeing what’s around the island this season.

Lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of this delicious meal:

March1 103

(Spicy Almond Sauce with Soba noodles, edamame and Napa cabbage)

And some of this meal:

March1 081

(Mexican Black Bean Salad)

And a whole bunch of these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Lately I’d been craving oatmeal cookies like mad, and finally made followed a recipe that was edible. (I’d experimented the week before with the result being a mound of ruined cookies).

Lately I’ve been super excited/impatient for the long weekend because I’m going to Vancouver to see friends and family. We’ll see a Canucks game, go to the movie theater (where I live has a theater with movies that are 2-3months old, kinda like movies on an airplane), go shopping. It’ll be grand.

In fact I leave today, so really I need to go, get a little bit of work done and then head to the airport.


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