When More is Less

I definitely have the more is more mindset. I always have. If a little bit of something is good, then more of that must be better…

If a small Blizzard is so delicious, a big one would be even better.
If exercising for an hour a day is good, exercising two hours every days is even better.
If the recipe calls for a couple teaspoons of spices, a couple tablespoons will be even better

Of course, whenever I acted on these ideas (which in my head may not have been as clearly stated as they are here) there would be unforeseen consequences.

Of course the idea that more is more is not new, and it logically makes sense; increase the portion of your favourite food, increase your satisfaction. Want to get leaner, stronger and fitter faster? Exercise more! Want a recipe to be really amazing? Add more of the flavour! It is simply the next logical step.

A medium sized blizzard would not lead to increased satisfaction but rather an increased stomach ache.

Exercising for 2 hours did not lead to greater gains in strength, and in fact was probably more detrimental to strength and fitness then it was to increasing them.

More spices did not in fact create a more delicious meal, but rather unbalanced all the flavour and created some interesting concoctions (to say the least).

One of the things I’m really working on is changing the more is more mentality. It’s closely related to it’s friend the all or nothing mentality. I find in my journey the more is more has taken different forms; from more in terms of comfort food, to more in terms of more deprivation or more punishment. At different points I have also confronted the more is more mentality in different areas; first in quantities of food eaten (as a teenager) then in cooking (leave the spices along, or adjust slightly!) and most recently with exercise.

I love exercise, but what I’ve realized is sometimes rest is really important. And this pas year, with school ended, a new job starting, and finally entering the time of “adulthood” I’ve been more moderate with exercise then ever before. I’ve often taken as much as two days off a week (GASP!). This is new for me, I pride myself on my athletic behaviour, so there are moments that test me. The idea of simply allowing myself to have a complete rest day is tough some days.

But all those little niggling fears (you’ll gain weight if you don’t, you’ll lose strength) haven’t really come to pass. I feel rested, and I have energy for work and learning, (guess not having all my muscles using up those glycogen stores means more for brain right?) and it’s been great.

Has anyone else experimented with less is more?


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