2013–Opening the Potential

I remember from my grade 12 physics the idea of potential. Always when I hear the word potential I picture a ball at the top of rollercoaster steep grade, sitting on the precipice and waiting to tumble down, down, down!

I love potential.

I love the feeling of many possibilities as they cross my mind. To say I’m a bit of dreamer is an understatement. I’ve always been a huge dreamer. When I’m in a good place, stress free, living, I have space in most of my days to just dream.

The last two years of my undergrad degree left me with very little thought of possibilities. The

I love goals. I love New Years Resolutions. But sometimes I get stuck with the end goal, and once that is achieved, I falter, I fall, I think, what now? Now that I’m a dietitian (goal achieved: check!) I realize I don’t really know what I want my goal to look like.

And for once I think that’s fine for right now.

So this year, for 2013, instead of a New Years Resolution, I have set an intention. I’m sure as the year carries on, I’ll begin setting goals, things to do with career and life, but right now, I’m ready for just opening up some room for dreams of the possibilities.

My intention for this year?


– Rediscover my love for food

– Discover what I like (and don’t like) about working as a dietitian (what areas do I excel in? In which do I falter? Where do I want to focus the next few years of my life?)

– Rediscover my hobbies: writing, reading, photography, working out. Look at the question: should they remain hobbies? Or can they be something to use in my career?

– Discover new places: I love traveling. Traveling changed my life in a major way at a very young age, and I cannot imagine a year that does not involve at least one plane ride. On my wish list this year: South America (Machu Pichu!).

As of right now that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I know it doesn’t really seem like a lot, but this really did come with some soul searching. Particularly in taking it slower. I’m usually a jump right into the New Year, but this year I need space and time, so that’s what I’m doing.


One thought on “2013–Opening the Potential

  1. I love the idea of setting an intention, and word, for yourself for the year! And I also think Discovery is a fantastic one. Here is to a great 2013 full of discovering and rediscovering things in your life 🙂

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