2012–A Reflection

I made the decision this New Years to return to blogging. It’s taken me several months to decide this, and I’ve been feeling quite ambivalent to the idea. However, I find myself continually looking through blogs, and essentially wasting my time on the internet looking for something.

It took awhile, but I’ve realized I’m mostly searching for a reflection of my own thoughts, and voice. And while many people may state in more eloquent ways what I’ve been thinking, or what I needed to hear, I’m in a place where I’d really like to send my voice out into the interwebs and see what happens.

2012: A Big Year

To say this past year was a really big year for me is an understatement. It was actually a really tough year because I essentially started it in the middle of my internship, but also started it burnt out from being in school for 6 years straight.

Still a lot was accomplished and I think I’d like to focus on those.


– Finished internship (a 10 month long practicum).

– Finished university (for now)

– Officially became an RD(t) (stands for “temporary”)

– Wrote my Registration Exam to drop that (t)

– Attended my convocation


– Completed a 30 day Hot Yoga Challenge (while in internship, might not have been the brightest idea, but was well worth it)

– Tried crossfit, and remember how much I LOVE weight lifting/strength training

– Joined Ultimate Frisbee, and rekindled my love for only team sport I think I’ve ever enjoyed.

– Began giving myself more breaks physically when I was worn out. I’m an exercise every day kind of person, and taking time off can cause me anxiety, but the later part of 2012 helped me learn that sometimes forcing myself to get to the gym doesn’t actually help me and that rest is super important.


– Attended Dietitians of Canada Conference in Toronto June 2012. This was fabulous and helped me feel inspired by the career I’d chosen, because honestly at the point in my internship I was at when I went on this trip, I was burnt out.

– Got a full time permanent job in a small town on Vancouver Island, so consequently this also leads to the third point under life.

– Moved to a new town. It’s small up here; there are many small towns up here, and the population is actually a lot, but where I live is roughly 2, 500 people… To put it in perspective for the Canadians reading, it is so small up here there isn’t even a Tim Horton’s.


So there you have it, the biggest highlights of my year. And if I do say so myself it was a pretty crazy year. And it has honestly led to some crazy soul searching, and some pretty big discoveries about myself.

And hopefully 2013 will prove to be as prosperous, challenging and amazing.


3 thoughts on “2012–A Reflection

  1. Welcome back to blogging, and Happy New Year! I feel like half of these will be my own reflections this time next year 🙂 Hope life in small town BC is treating you well.

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