Internship: The Things You Will Learn


1. I’m sure you’ve seen this image before:

In real life though, holding it your hand, is way more effective. It’s amazing how much space 5lbs takes up. Do not berate yourself for ONLY losing 5lbs. That’s a lot to lose. Seriously. It’s a lot of space.

2. If you lose 5lbs of fat you take off 20lbs of pressure from your joints. That’s huge. That’s the difference between needing knee surgery or hiking easily up the side of a mountain when you’re 80(okay that fact is made up by me, but it seems likely).

3. Sometimes you should listen to your horoscope, especially when it tells you to go for a walk, and curl up with your favourite book (or maybe current TV show obsession). One down, one to go (with homework in between).

What have you learned recently?


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