The Girl Behind The Blog

Who is the girl behind this blog?

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Hello, I’m Bronwyn and I’m pleased to meet you. I’m a mid-twenty something girl in the process of finishing up University. I am a registered dietitian to be, currently doing my internship in a small BC city (small city, or big town, however you want to go we’re about 85, 000 here) called Kamloops. I used to blog over at Will Work For Peanut Butter, but feel I’ve outgrown the name.

What do I like to do?

I love being outdoors. I like doing sports outdoors, running, cycling, walking, hiking, and skiing/snowboarding in the winter. I also like hot yoga these days, it’s amazing for my mind, body and soul. I generally exercise everyday, and get really grumpy if I don’t do something physical. I like to read, and I really like to write (Fun fact: I originally went to university for a creative writing degree, but then switched to sciences!) and trying to keep in the habit of writing well is one of the reasons I began this blog. I also love to cook and bake, sadly they aren’t something I always have a lot of time to do, so that’s why in my life “baking is on the side”.

Why blog?

I know everyone, their mom, and their mom’s dog has a blog, but over the fall I found myself clicking through lots of blogs looking for something and never feeling like I’d found it. Then I realized it; I was looking for that one blog that was exactly what I wanted to read every day. Basically I was vainly searching for my voice and couldn’t find it anywhere. So I decided to get a new name, since my old one didn’t jive with me, and recommit myself to sharing my thoughts on the internet (this still scares me though!).

What will you see?

Well, definitely some baked goods! But also my thoughts on some of the latest health and nutrition trends, some of my tips and tricks for fitting in healthy food + healthy living. Some stories about exercising are sure to show up too.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come again!

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