Will You?

Will you be my friend?

See I baked muffins. Because I knew I’d see you soon.

Jan-Mar2012 325

And well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, the best way to make friends, is with baked goods.

Jan-Mar2012 359

These muffins are delicious really. They may look dark and plain, but underneath that they are scrumptious, molasses, and bites of sweet dates.

Some people say dates are nature’s candy.

03.1718.2012 178

Well then, these muffins have some candy in them, don’t they?

But really, if I give you a muffin, will you be my friend? I mostly just want to chat, about food, or sports, or books, or music. I can have a serious conversation (maybe about food politics?) or I can laugh and laugh and laugh (have you seen some of the things posted on Pinterest?). I’d love it if you’d laugh with me, or maybe shared your thoughts on the political side of food.

We could bake together too.

Please let me know, but until then, have a muffin. Really, they’re delicious.

03.1718.2012 155

Have you taken a bite? G

Good, because I wanted to also tell you, they have no sugar added. Curious? (I know, it’s so unexpected, they are so good) Find the recipe here.


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